Wether you want to make sure, you and all of your friends get into Moscows best clubs and bars or you want to have the best table to sit and enjoy the show, we can arrange your table in all of Moscows clubs. With most of them we have special agreements, so you’ll get one of the best tables and they are actually paying us, so the club table booking (for most clubs, see list below) is free for you. At many venues, you even get a discounted deposit, so you only benefit from booking through us.

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Tabledeposits start at around 5000 Rub per head in some venues, but can go up to 120 000 Rub and more, depending on the size, location and the event (guest stars etc). This is a deposit, which means, you and your guests get drinks and food for that amount. Typically, the venue expects a 10% tip for the service on top of that, at the end (in cash). If you are over your deposit limit, the staff will notify you and of course you can order extras on top and pay cash or (in most cases) with your credit card at the end. Usually tables can seat 6 to 8 people and of course tables can be combined. If you come with more people than the announced number, the club may ask for an extra deposit on arrival.

Our booking service is completely FREE for you (if the venue is in our list – see below). If not, you will ask a small organization fee.

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Note: Table prices vary and constantly change. The deposit needs to be paid in cash (most venues don’t except credit card payments for deposits) until 6hrs before. We can arrange credit card payments via our PAYPAL account, but must add a 15% extra fee to cover commissions and our expenses.

List of our current Club & Bar partners (alphabetically). Our service of reserving a table there is completely FREE for you. You must pay the deposit to the club, though:

Artel Bessonnitsa
WOW Club
Duran Bar
Secret Room (Super VIP)
SoHo Rooms
SoHo Country Club
Mix Club (Afterhours)
Garage Club (Afterhours)
Looking Rooms
Letni Terrace
Suzuran Bar
Berlin Bar

Please fill out our form to get a quote for your club and table.

Even though some videos are not up to date, they give you a view of what is happening in the particular venue. We chose the videos carefully to reflect the mood and style of each venue, even today in 2017.

Duran Bar

Artel Bessonnitza


Mendeleev Bar

SOHO Country Club (daytime)

Please fill out our form to get a quote for your club and table.