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Unencumbered and Ultimate Freedom

That is our promise to you. Your stay in Moscow should reflect your desires and your wishes. With our multi-tiered concierge service, we can arrange “almost” anything and are delighted to create a program for you that is sure to leave a lasting impression filled with a lifetime of memories. Your English speaking Concierge in Moscow.

We know half of the city and the other half…well, they are friends of friends.

If it can be done, we can organize it!

Contact Us NOW! to book your English speaking Concierge in Moscow.

Our Team is Ready

  • Organize a Driver
  • Body Guards
  • Daily Activities
  • A Guide
  • Dinner Reservations
  • Roses
  • Diamonds
  • A Table at a Club

No matter, if you need us to organize a driver, body guards, day activities, a guide, dinner, roses or diamonds, a table at a club or even some nice people to party with, our team is ready.

Tiers of Service:

  1. You can plan your trip and order a shopping list of to-do’s and we will gladly create a proposal for you; including all activity costs and our booking fee. For this, we need 1-week to prepare (table deposits frequently change, and we need to check availability and the updated costs).
  2. You can spontaneously use our service and pay a fee per booking.
  3. You can book a weekend retainer or a daily fee, which includes all of our organization and booking fees.

Your English speaking Concierge in Moscow!

Please contact us to receive a concrete proposal and estimate from our side.

Are you coming to celebrate a bachelor party in Moscow? Check our site with some additional information just about that.